Finally some new music.  Gilmore and I put this little track together on the Hackintosh.  It’s smooth and spooky, give it a try.  This one has actually been finished for a few months but I couldn’t decide whether it was worth publishing.  I just listened to it with fresh ears and decided that it was indeed worth your time.  If you think it’s cool, write a comment.  If you think it’s dumb, write a comment!

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Original ‘Experiments’ CDs Available

As we were cleaning out the studio we found a few boxes of the original CD run of our album ‘Experiments in the Hypnotic Production of Crime’. These are the CDs we produced ourselves, before we hooked up with Water Music Records. We’d like you to own one of these collectors items, so we’re offering them for sale through this site via Paypal for a mere $5. Every self-respecting (or self-hating) t spigot fan should have this CD in their collection, as it features the awesome artwork of Kai Wolf as well as some collage art by yours truly.

So please click the button below and we’ll get one out to you!


Original ‘Experiments’ CD Cover Original ‘Experiments’ Inside Cover

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Studio Upgrades

Gilmore and I have been purging, cleaning, and modernizing our studio so that we might bring you some new tunes in the near future. The old studio was getting stale, and the PC at the heart of it was obsolete. Not only that, our favorite production software, Logic Audio, is now a product that only runs on MacOS, so we haven’t seen a new version of it for years now. There was only one thing to do–get a Mac in there so we could run a modern version of Logic.

At first I was thinking of just picking up a Mac Mini. Those things are pretty affordable, and would mostly do what we’d need it to in the studio, but then an old friend turned me on to the fact that he’d been running MacOS on Intel-based hardware he’d put together himself, and that I could do the same thing for our new studio PC. The deal was that for what I’d spend on a Mac Mini I could get something much more expandable and more powerful that still ran MacOS and all of our music tools. I decided this was the best course of action and started ordering the components I’d need.

About a week later I got caught in a freak luck storm. My Mac-hacking buddy had managed to get his hands on a very nice rack-mount server that would run MacOS and decided to donate it for the studio. This is a badass machine that would have cost more than we could ever reasonably afford, an extremely generous donation that we will never forget!

So after hacking around on it for a few days it was up and running and it’s now the new heart of our studio. We’ve got it connected to a Firepod for live recording and it’s all working great. It’s nice to just be able to plug things in and have them work. We have wasted way too many hours doing system administration when we should have been making music, so here’s to hoping there won’t be much of that in the future.

It’s nice to have a modern DAW at our fingertips again, more music soon!

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t spigot radio back online

We’ve been getting back into the DJ scene lately and decided to get our stream back on the air. Please
give it a listen! There is also a hi-def version of much better quality here. We’ve also been doing some goofy projects like mashups and remixes of some of our tracks. Check out the music page for more details.

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As you probably noticed by now, t spigot has been on the back burner for a while.  We’ll be back, but in the meantime life has been keeping us busy with other non-musical things.  If you haven’t checked out all of our material yet please do so, there’s a lot here!

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Check out our latest two tracks on the music page. The Wandering Eyes of Bob and The Show are the latest. Let us know what you think of them!

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Experiments released

Experiments in the Hypnotic Production of Crime was officially released today by Water Music Records. You should be able to find it at your local record store, definitely buy a copy for yourself and your friends! Or order via Amazon! Just search for t spigot.

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We’ve signed with Water Records

We’ve signed a deal with Water Music Records! The first CD will be Experiments (see the music page), to be released in March 2003. In the meantime we’ve been working on some new material, and we’ve finished a track called One Player (who has been active recently). See how you like it!

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