We’ve signed with Water Records

We’ve signed a deal with Water Music Records! The first CD will be Experiments (see the music page), to be released in March 2003. In the meantime we’ve been working on some new material, and we’ve finished a track called One Player (who has been active recently). See how you like it!

Author: spunky | Category: Releases | Comments(4) August 2002

4 Responses to “We’ve signed with Water Records”

  1. spy eye says:

    great stuff! could you tell me what is the nice melody playing in the background? is that your own or it was imported from another song (if so, what is the name of song?)

  2. admin says:

    Which song are you asking about? Most of the melodies are original, but sometimes we have used samples that include a melody.

  3. spy eye says:

    about the sample instrumental melody which playing in the background of a song “One player”. is it your original sample or maybe it is a part of some others song which has it’s own name? thanks in advance.

  4. spunky says:

    The melody you are probably thinking of in One Player was a sample from an Ofra Haza song. Unfortunately it has been a long time since we made that one and I can’t remember the name of the song now.

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